Military Discount a Benefit, Not an Entitlement

As many may know (or not know), many retail stores (American Eagle, Eddie Bauer, Gap, Forever 21, etc.) and restaurants (Oliver Garden, BJ’s Brewery, Denny’s, etc.) offer military members and their families a “military discount.” This discount is usually offered to all active duty military, as well as retired military, and often this discount is extended to military dependents as well. Of course, not all businesses offer these discounts, but so many businesses do offer a discount, especially in

Why Gov. Jerry Brown’s Online Community College Proposal is a Bad Idea

Recently, Gov. Jerry Brown decided that community college should be offered to students completely online. While there may be a few benefits to this, overall it is not a good idea. According to Community College Daily, the reason behind this is to reach the people who can’t spend time on campus getting an education. “We have literally tens of thousands of working adults with some college and no credentials and a couple of million working adults who are unemployed or underemployed,” Chancellor E

How the changing seasons affect every aspect of your life

When fall starts, and the weather starts to get colder (or its supposed to) and you notice that the way the earth looks is changing, you may notice that your mood has also changed substantially. As the seasons change, so do the way humans act, feel and interact. According to LiveScience, “There is evidence of seasonal peaks in suicides, which occur more frequently in summer, and birth rates, which also tend to peak in spring and summer. Both, however, are influenced heavily by other factors, ac

Ways to Give Back this Giving Season on a Budget

This time of year is when society gives back to the less fortunate. But how do you do that on a college student’s budget? Well, here are a few ways that you can affordably give back and still buy your mom an awesome Christmas present. One of the best ways to give back is to give your time. By volunteering to help out at a local charity or soup kitchen, you are helping the less fortunate and not spending a dime. “While charitable organizations need money to stay up and running, they also need pe

Mesa Dance Department Puts on Show “Mesa Moves”

On November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, The San Diego Mesa College Dance Company produced an entertaining, diverse, dance show at the Joan Kroc Theatre . The choreography presented in Mesa Moves shows not only the technique of the the choreographers and dancers, but showcased interesting storylines, as well as dancing for “dancing’s sake”, and stylized theatricalized elements. Not only were the themes of each dance diverse, but was apparent  in the type of dances presented. The dance program included mod

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill giving free tuition to first year students

There are 114 community colleges in California and on Oct. 10th, Gov. Jerry Brown passed a new bill making the first year of community college free for California residents and new, full-time students. The bill will only cover the cost of tuition; it will not waive any fees regarding housing, books, or other living expenses. According to Article 3, section 1 of the bill’s outline, “it is the intent of the Legislature that the California College Promise support the California Community Colleges

Medical marijuana patients should be able to buy guns too

The state of California, and 28 other states, have legalized medical marijuana. In order to legally obtain marijuana, one must first register for a medical marijuana card. However, many Americans do not know that if they register for a medical marijuana card, they can no longer buy any guns or ammunition. For many, this may seem like not a big deal, but most people were not made aware of this before signing up for a medical marijuana card and have now blindly signed away their second amendment r

President Trump Issues Executive Order Changing American Healthcare

At the beginning of October, President Donald Trump began to dismantle the Affordable Care Act when he took away the mandate for employers to provide birth control as a part of their company healthcare package. On Oct. 12, Trump issued a formal Executive Order that would further the process of dismantling and changing the Affordable Care Act. Under this executive order, employers cannot exclude any workers from their plan and cannot charge those with pre-existing health problems more money. The

Mock Trial Constitution Day Event brings Supreme Court issues to campus

This year, San Diego Mesa College had a busy week full of events for students to participate in for Constitution Day. On Sept. 18, Jefferson School of Law, located in Downtown San Diego, partnered with Mesa College  to celebrate Constitution Day. A Mock Trial was held in a large conference room in the new Mesa Commons building. The mock trial has been taking place at Mesa for years. Each year it’s a discussion involving a case in regards to the Constitution. This year, the chosen case was Gill

New Workout Facility in Exercise Science Building promotes student health and provides convenience

The new workout facility in the Exercise Science building is equipped with state of the art workout machines allowing students to have access to cardio, weight training, and flexibility machinery. The top floor of fitness includes machines for stretching, foam rollers, and cardio machines such as treadmills, stairmasters, ellipticals, bike machines, and rowing machines. The Exercise Science Building also includes new rooms used for yoga, dance and workout classes, while the bottom level also inc